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Learn about our wakesurf  board rentals

Slingshot Gnarwhal

Our Slingshot Gnarwhal is great for advanced wakesurfers. Like its arctic sea-unicorn brethren, the Slingshot Gnarwhal XR Wakesurf Board oozes grace and style. Shaped with a snub nose and a wide tail, it packs a ton of surface area for it's relatively short length giving it great speed, maneuverability and pop off the lip. It's got dual cupped rail channels to lock into turns, and four easy to use FCS II fins for you to quickly switch things up and find your sweet spot. Packing Slingshot s XR Carbon Matrix construction for additional strength, the Gnarwhal XR Wakesurf Board is ready to rip.

Here are the details of Gnarwhal XR.

  • The board: 4'6" wakesurf board made of carbon fiber and foam construction. Width is 21". Thickness is 1.38". Board volume is 19.1L.

  • Construction and Materials: Carbon Matrix Overlay – Gives the board increased torsional strength and adds the bling it needs to stand out from the peasants.

  • Shape: Flat Nose / Fat Tail Progressive Surf Shape – Allows the designers to pack for more surface area and volume into a shorter length board, fits easily into the pocket. This additional surface area is great for larger surfers or those looking for more “punch” off the lip.

  • Rocker: Aggressive Nose Rocker – Prevents nose dives without sacrificing board speed, allowing aggressive style surfers to carve hard without the worry of burying the nose. Fast Rocker Line – The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the rope behind the boat.

  • Base: Double Concave Hull – The double concave hull helps create traction without sacrificing speed, and also helps the board rock effortlessly from rail to rail. Center Spine – Helps in the transition from toe to heel edge when rocking and rolling on the wave.

  • Rails/Edges: Dual Cupped Rail Channels – Located on the toe and heel rails of the boards, these channels give the board additional “bite” when digging into the face of the wave. They feel almost like a small cheater fin on the edge that helps keep you on the sweet spot of the wave and prevents slip-outs.

  • Fins: Customizable FCSII Fins – Choose from thruster, twin fin or single fin configurations. Customize your ride the way you like it. Four 3.9" FCSII Fins

  • Additional Features:  EVA Deck Pad – Smooth to the touch and grippy when wet, Slingshot's new EVA deck-pads are not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.

  • Ability level: The Gnarwhal is best for intermediate to expert riders.

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Our Slingshot Mothership is great for wakesurfing with longboard style.

This single fin sled is built for kicking back and focusing on smooth, fluid turns from rail to rail. With a pin tail and surplus of deck space in the front, consider it an open invitation to explore the front half of the board and even wrap a couple of toes around the nose! The added surface area of the MOTHERSHIP makes dropping deep into the back of the wave a breeze, giving you more space to express yourself in classic longboard fashion! If you’ve never surfed a single fin, prepare for a whole new outlook on the beauty of surfing’s simplest maneuvers.

Let the challenge to hang 5 begin! The Mothership makes the simple things more enjoyable and automatically grants you additional style points. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your smoothest turns to date!


Here are the details of the Mothership.

  • THE BOARD is 5'2" long, 20.5" wide, 2 1/5" thick, with 30.1L of volume, and weighs 7.4lbs.

  • DUAL STEP DOWN TAIL CHANNELS: This all new channel design helps create more leverage when attacking the lip of the wave without sacrificing board speed.

  • FULL EVA DECK PAD: Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, this tip-to-tail EVA deck-pad is not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.

  • SLINGSHOT 6" LONGBOARD CENTER FIN: This 6 inch longboard fin can be slid forward for a looser feel or all the way back for more delayed turns and that classic longboard nostalgia.

  • LARGER SURFACE AREA: Bigger surface areas help support more weight and surf smaller waves. Increasing your surface area increases your support on the surface of the water and prevents sinking.

  • MILD NOSE ROCKER: Just enough to keep you from pearling (nose diving) but not enough to slow down the board speed. The happy medium.

  • FAST ROCKER LINES: The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the rope behind the boat.

  • PIN TAIL DESIGN: Traditional surfboard tail shape, easy to turn tight and carve aggressively on the wave, perfect for expert level carving on the face of the wave.

  • ABILITY LEVEL: the Mothership works well for beginner to expert riders.

Our Liquid Force Rocket is great for learning to wakesurf.

Our Rocket is an ultra-stable board for the entire boat with a touch of performance.  The winged swallow tail allows for a fuller outline for stability and the single to double concave hull lets you glide effortlessly.


Ride this board as a twin fin for that “fish” feel or as a thruster for added drive down the line.  This board will have the entire boat feeling like they have been to the moon and back.


Here are the Rocket's details:

  • The board is 5'4" long, 20.8" wide, 1.24" thick, with 18.2L of volume. It will support riders who weigh up to (and above) 250 pounds.

  • Material: Compression-molded PU Foam Core, featuring a single to double concave hull and a swallow tail.

  • Fins: The Rocket is set up as a three-fin thruster.

  • Ability level: The Rocket is best for beginner to intermediate riders.