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Our Ronix District wakeboard with Liquid Force size 8 - 12 bindings is great for beginners through advanced riders.

The wakeboard: No matter who the rider is, they can rip to their highest ability on a Ronix District Wakeboard. A longstanding rider-favorite, you just can't go wrong with its all-purpose shape and hybrid rocker profile. Made for solid carves, predictable takeoffs, and blasting wake-to-wake jumps, the Ronix District is the great equalizer. It's easy to ride and even easier to push.

The bindings: Liquid Force crafted the Element wakeboard bindings to be easy to use and very comfortable. When you're out on the boat, you want to make sure everyone can have a good time. With this one-size-fits most boot, that is now a possibility.


The Element has been crafted with N66 Chassis for high-end construction without the high-end cost. An anatomical footbed features a 2.5 degree cant that creates comfort while also having impact-absorbing foam to reduce shock when landing your tricks. Comfort liners allow for a soft feel around your feet while a stretch back and flex zone allow for a simple entrance and exit to the binding. The Element has Liquid Force's EZ Glide speed lace system so that you can avoid tying. The open toe creates a multiple-size fit allowing you and your friends to slip right into these wakeboard bindings. 

Here are additional details of District wakeboard and Element bindings:

  • Board size: 138cm length, 17.4 inch width, stance range adjusts between 20 and 26 inches, supporting riders up to 200 pounds.

  • Bindings: the District has Liquid Force Element Wakeboard Bindings that fit foot sizes 8 men's (9 women's) to 12 men's (13 women's). N66 chassis with comfort liners, impact-absorbing foam, EZ-glide lace system, and stretch and flex zones.

  • Rocker Type: 3-Stage / Continuous – A combination of the traits of 3-Stage and Continuous rocker lines.

  • Flex: 4.5 (1 Stored Energy - 10 Instant Energy) – More stored energy means the rider is given more time to generate the full lift from the power building from the tip all the way to the tail of the board. Instant energy generates quick lift and snap off the wake with an extra kick.

  • Shape: The concave bottom near the tip and tail delivers effortless ollies and more controlled presses, and allows you to maintain a more neutral riding stance.

  • Rails/Edges: Variable Rail with Increased side cut.

  • Base: The base is low friction, developed for the most glide speed in high-end boat boards.

  • Fins: Four fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins

  • Additional Features: M6 Inserts – A higher thread count means more hold on a shallower depth, allowing thinner board profiles with shorter inserts. This results in more board feel without sacrificing boot lock down

  • Rider level: The District works well for beginners through advanced riders.

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Our Ronix Spaceblanket ATR with Hyperlite System Pro Wake bindings and men's size 9 (women's 10) boots is excellent for intermediate to advanced riders.

The board: The ultimate search for a shorter riding board that still maximizes on big board pop and glide speed is over. The Space Blanket from Ronix is here to offer you a true camber profile that has good speed over the water and offers big-time pop off the wakes. Ronix Pros Erik Ruck and Shota Tezuka helped design this deck to go big, but also to be a board that would work well for all riding abilities. Tested to have a 20% less resistance over the water this board allows for maximum speed, agility, and boost power than most boards out there today. Go fast, go big, and take chances with the Space Blanket from Ronix.

The bindings: Hyperlite's The System binding offers the ultimate connection to your wakeboard, delivering unmatched edge control and a feel like no other.


Lighter. Stronger. Better. The System Pro has been perfected over the past five seasons, taking an already revolutionary product and making it even better. This new System is the ultimate in high performance wake footwear for boat and cable riders alike. This updated binding design centers around three new features.

  1. Beginning with Hyperlite's exclusive G6 Polycarbonate chassis, which is lighter than previous generations, while still providing superior board control and support, the improved chassis interfaces with Hyperlite's exclusive urethane highback for maximum mobility and response.

  2. New Auto-Centering stability plates allow a rider to set the bindings for the correct size boots in minutes. The plates are removable and can be replaced, ensuring a solid connection even after seasons of wear and tear.

  3. Exclusive to the System Pro Binding is a removable EVA Footpad, which provides additional impact protection and a mellower feel under foot.

The boots: Lighter. Stronger. Better. Designed by Rusty Malinoski Signature Footwear, the Kruz Boot interfaces with the System Binding allowing for a lightweight feel and maximum comfort.  This boot is built like nothing the wake industry has ever seen because of its true footwear construction.


With tallest cuff height, the Kruz is the most supportive System Boot and is perfect for riders looking for instant response and a more locked in feel. It has a cushioning heelcap and fast dry Aero-Mesh laminated panel.  Beginning with a lightweight EVA outsole and TPR impact pods, the Kruz creates great cushioning under foot. Custom insoles with integrated arch support cradle the foot for maximum stability. The Hyper-Liner heat moldable EVA creates a custom fit and comfort throughout the boot. 

Here are additional details of the Space Blanket ATR and Hyperlite System bindings:


  • Board: An Erik Ruck & Shota Tezuka pro model, the Ronix Space Blanket ATR is 133cm in length with 810 square inches of area to support riders up to 180 pounds.  The Space Blanket ATR features camber, speedwalls, grip-and-rip channels for better turning, 1.0" ramp fins, and ATR construction.

  • Bindings: The System binding has reinforced aluminum stability plates. Raised teeth interlock with the system washer to customize your desired angle, reducing heel lift and solidifying the connection. Urethane Highbacks feature Hyperlite's exclusive urethane material, which is pliable when flexed laterally but is stiffer and more supportive when direct pressure is applied. This means you will be able to poke out those grabs while also having maximum board control support when initiating a heel side edge. Tool-Less Hardware and adjustable Toe-Strap.

  • Boot: Hyperlite Kruz size 9 men's (10 women's) to 9.5 men's (10.5 women's)

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