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Prepare for your rental

Prepare for your Gear FLX experience by learning what to expect before, during, and after your rental.

How to prepare for an AL Gear FLX rental.
Hydro foil on Cayuga Lake


Before your rental, consider these tasks:


  1. Check with your doctor: Your doctor can help you make decisions about your health and fitness for particular activities.

  2. Prepare your body for the sport you are doing. The gear we offer is just the tool to enjoy the sport; you'll need your physically fit body to support you through the activity. Follow a fitness  and eating plan that your doctor approves for your health goals.

  3. Fill out our waiver: you will get a link in your rental confirmation. Please follow the link and save yourself time during gear pick-up.

  4. Prepare your mind: consider learning more about your chosen activity via our knowledge pages or other resources you find helpful. When you are new to a sport, you will learn more safely and quickly if you access appropriate training resources and get training from a professional.

  5. Keep in touch with usWe will coordinate with you for pick-up and drop-off of your gear.


During your rental, we are available to help as you have questions about the gear. We hope that you enjoy your gear and make lasting memories.


After your rental, we hope you'll enjoy the memories you made. Here are other ways you might want to engage afterward:

  • Post a review: you'll get a request to post a review after your rental. 

  • Share your advice and feedback with us here.  

  • Let others know about Gear FLX.

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