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Our People

Jess Cisco

Jess' mission in life is to help others reach their potential. Through Gear FLX's high-end gear rentals and by creating workshops and sharing helpful content, models, and structures, Jess combines his passions: developing others, adventure travel, and adventure sports. 

"After I tried hydrofoiling for the first time, the feeling of floating above the water stuck with me.  A short while later, while I was surfing in Puerto Rico, I wanted to make it easier to get gear for adventure sports (like surfing and foiling), and so I had the idea to create ActiveLeading's Gear FLX. I hope to share with others some of the adventure sports that bring challenge, enjoyment, and shared experiences into my life."


After your experiences with us, we hope that you feel as much excitement as we do.

Jen Gudaz

In 2013, Jen partnered with Jess to launch ActiveLeading.  An adventure-travel enthusiast, Jen's amazing energy, sharp mind, and passion for the outdoors make her an amazing team member and gear specialist.

In addition to her work at with Gear FLX, she is also the Senior Associate Director of Athletics, the Robert E. Browning '56 Director of Physical Education, and the Helen Newman Director of Recreational Services at Cornell University, Jen has been in the field of university physical education since 1996 and also served as an adjunct professor in Ithaca College's Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

When she is not working for Cornell University or ActiveLeading, Jen enjoys working out, biking, boating, and spending time with friends.

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